PHYT'S Contact Exfoliant Mask


Contact Exfoliant Mask: åÊåÊAåÊgentle exfoliating mask thatåÊrefinesåÊthe skin textureåÊtoåÊoxygenate the skin and brighten the complexion.åÊThe plant cellulose adheres to the dead skin cellsåÊto remove themåÊandåÊleaves the skin lookingåÊsmooth and youthful. åÊåÊ

Directions: åÊOne to three times a week,åÊspread a thin layer on clean, dry skin and leave for five minutes or until dry. Then with your fingertips, dry massage in gentle circularåÊmovementsåÊto remove the CONTACTåÊ+ and rinse your face thoroughly.



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