Dr Grow-It-All Organic Liquid Plant Nutrient & Soil Rejuvenator


1L Concentrated complete natural nutrient for vital soil and robust plant growth

100% Organic: All Dr Grow It All䋢 products are approved by Australian Certified Organic (the Australian Certifying Organisation) and the Biological Farmers of Australia after passing stringent testing requirements, for use in certified organic growing.

Active Constituent: Conditioned poultry manure loaded with beneficial bacteria and stimulants to activate the growth of micro flora essential for superior soil health.

Superior results on all plants: Including vegetables, fruit, herbs, lawns, flowers, ornamentals, ferns, indoor plants


Delivers a complete range of beneficial bacteria for optimum results in both plants and soil
Concentrated, cost effective and easy to use
Increases yield and a longer production period
Rapidly increases microbial activity for healthy soil
pH neutral = immediate plant acceptance
Accelerates dry matter breakdown creating a valuable carbon source
Establishes a healthy deep root system
Increases a natural resistance to pest, disease and climatic variation
Enhances flavour and nutritional value
For superior results use all year round on a regular basis


Category: Garden