Why Living Valley Health?


Practitioner ApprovedAt Living Valley Health our focus is creating and stocking products that uphold the principles and ideals close to our heart. In order to deliver the most effective health supplements, each product is scrutinised by our team of experienced Naturopaths.


Our range of Living Valley Health products was created to support the cleansing and detoxification process of the thousands of guests who have visited Living Valley Springs Health Retreat since 1990.

The practitioners behind the Living Valley range are headed by Gary Martin N.D., Co-founder and Managing Director of Living Valley Springs Health Retreat. Gary also sits on the board of the East Africa Mission Orphanage with an ongoing commitment to providing support to children in need. To find out more about Living Valley Springs and their team of professionals go to: www.lvs.com.au


Gives Back100% of our profits support benevolent work. We are immensely proud of the fact that all our profits are donated to relieve sickness and suffering worldwide, from orphanages in Africa to health educational programs in Australia.

Our profits are distributed primarily between Living Valley Springs Health Retreat and the East Africa Mission Orphanage in Kenya. Living Valley Springs Health Retreat is a registered Public Benevolent Institution established in 1990 on the Sunshine Coast, Australia, with a mission to alleviate suffering and disease caused from poor lifestyle choices. The Retreat’s purpose is to provide affordable natural health alternatives and education to as many people as possible.

Profits from Living Valley Health are specifically directed to help subsidise the cost of delivering a highly intensive and effective healing experience to each and every guest at the retreat. Internationally our commitment is to providing the essentials to children who have been orphaned in unfortunate circumstances. In partnership with the East Africa Mission Orphanage we have provided thousands of children with access to food, shelter, education and a home.

By purchasing Living Valley products you are working with us to grow a healthier and happier world!


Ethical TradeOrganic and Australian made, grown and owned products are chosen whenever possible. However, for products that must be sourced overseas, we aim to use local industries that support their community.

We specifically target companies who have strong ethical standards in sourcing and manufacturing their products and who guarantee fair compensation for the primary producer. Ensuring our customers receive products that are of excellent quality, are highly effective and ethically sound is very important to us.

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